Price Guide

Please note prices are for guidance purposes only. A comprehensive quote can be given once fully inspected.

The price of fixing can vary greatly depending on the component that is damaged or not working. A large fix (such as a faulty screen) may simply be a case of replacing a small part of the internal components, or may need a replacement of an entire board. You can rest assured that we only give quotes based on the actual component damage and replacement cost including any labour charges.

Please note: We will not carry out work on any other part of the set other than what is required to get it back to normal working order. Any other requests once the set has been taken in for repair will not be entertained unless prior permission has been granted BEFORE taking the set via quote.

TV Type Inspection Fee Minimum Fee* Expected Average
LCD(Small) 25″ and Under FREE £20 £20
LCD(Medium) 26″ to 32″ FREE £30 £70
LCD(Large) 33″ Upwards FREE £40 £75
Plasma FREE £45 £80
LED FREE £45 £90

*Minimum Fee – In many cases the minimum fee is the only fee that will apply dependent on parts.

(Please not there is an additional call out charge of £40 if we are called out for emergency TV repairs out of hours. Please check our opening times.)

For 3D TV’s please contact us as soon as possible as these may require specialist parts.

Please contact us as soon as possible once a fault has been noted. Often, once a fault appears on the television, acting early can resolve the issue. If a fault is left open, it can affect other parts of the TV, and more parts will need to be replaced.


We have had many customers calling us asking for advice on parts that need replacing on their own televisions based on the fault they have described, and have gone on to attempt repairs. This has resulted in needless cost well beyond the cost of the TV. Whilst we are perfectly happy to give information to customers, we advise ALL our customers to not attempt DIY repair jobs on TV’s!

It can be costly and extremely dangerous if performed incorrectly! Contact us immediately for any repair work and we will ensure your TV has been thoroughly tested and is electrically safe.